Bridges - A Recap

By all accounts, the inaugural Bridges event was a stunning success. Our hearts are full of gratitude toward BrooklynWorks @ 159, our new Brooklyn home, our wonderful volunteers, Jack and Andreea for the beautiful photos, Megan Webber for the beautiful chalk signage, the crowd of 50 or so that attended, and of course Chris Q. Murphy, Jay Buchanan (bass, vocals), and Spiff Wiegand (drums, accordion, mandolin, vocals) for the songs and stories.

A few choice quotes from the evening:

"I've seen Murphy I don't know how many times. Every song he played tonight is now my favorite version. This is the perfect venue for him." - Justin K., friend and fan

"I don't want to be too dramatic, but perhaps a life-changing show for [Chris]." - Jay Buchanan, bass

And probably our favorite:

Artsville keeps rolling this fall with exciting events in SC and NY. The 2014 Artsville Songwriting Competition is just around corner, followed a week later by the debut of Artsville House Concerts NY!

We're blessed more than we can say. Thanks, as always, for trying new things.