Want to play at Artsville?

Please consider the following:

  • We host listening room events. The audience will be very quiet during your performance, and will expect you to interact with them. If you are uncomfortable telling stories in front of people, this may not be the gig for you.
  • We book far in advance. Six months to one year. Please plan accordingly.
  • We currently operate in two regions: Hartsville, South Carolina (and the surrounding area) and Brooklyn, New York (and the greater NYC area).
  • Our shows are small, for the most part. South Carolina tops out around 45, NYC around 25. If need be, we could possibly try to accommodate more fans.
  • If you play at Artsville NY, we may record your performance and sell it online. You may opt out of this.
  • Take a look at the artists that are playing Artsville. We love all kinds of music, but we tend toward music with a heavy focus on the lyric. We will make exceptions, but not many!

If after reading the above list you still feel good about playing Artsville, just click the button below and fill out the form!