Claude Bourbon @ Artsville House Concerts - Saturday, October 4

Here's the pertinent info:

- Doors open at 7:30PM. Please come early (but not before 7:30PM) to claim a seat (first come, first served) and enjoy some food with us.

- Please BYOB.

- Around 8:00PM Claude will play his first set. We'll take a little break after that.

- During the break you can meet Claude, ask him questions about his music, buy CDs, get more food, go potty, etc.

- Around 9:00PM Claude will play his second set.

- We'll leave the house around 10:30PM.

If you have any questions, feel free to send email to info[at]welcometoartsville[dot]com, or use our contact page.

Talk to you soon. Thanks for trying new things.

Your friendly neighborhood alchemist,


Here's the address:

205 Greenwood Ave

Hartsville, SC 29550