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Scroll down to view the secret addresses for each show this season. Bookmark this page as we may be updating it from time to time!

House Concerts 101:

- Doors open at 7:30PM. Please come early (but not before 7:30PM) to claim a seat (first come, first served) and enjoy some snacks, drinks, and company with us (food and drink will vary from show to show).

- Please BYOB, and bring a potluck dish to share with your friends.

- Around 8:00PM the artists will play their first set. We'll take a little break after that.

- During the break you can meet the artists, ask them questions about their music, buy CDs, get more drinks and snacks, go potty, etc.

- Around 9:00PM the artists will play their second set.

- We'll leave the house around 10:30PM.

If you have any questions, feel free to send email to info[at]welcometoartsville[dot]com, or use our contact page.

Talk to you soon. Thanks for trying new things.

3.21 - Hiroya Tsukamoto - 138 W Carolina Ave Hartsville SC 29550


4.11 - The Young Novelists - 108 N Main St Bishopville SC 29010


5.30 - Susan Enan - 536 W College Ave Hartsville SC 29550


9.12 - This Frontier Needs Heroes / Adam Sams - Burry Bookstore | 130 W Carolina Ave | Hartsville, SC 29550


10.10 - Amy Andrews - 127 East Home Ave Hartsville SC 29550


You also get a seat at The 2015 Artsville Songwriting Competition Finals 11.7!