try new things.


A word from our founder.

I've been a professional musician for most of my life now. I started touring the U.S. in 2006, and Europe a few years later. As I've developed as an artist, I've learned what I appreciate in a venue, and what I don't. Simply put, when I perform I'm looking for a connection. I've learned that this is possible as long as the venue, the artist, and the audience are on the same page. It's discouraging how often we miss the opportunity for something magical to happen. And it's equally sad when you realize the solution can be so simple: turn off the game, silence your phone, point your chair toward the stage. Listen.

There are venues out there that facilitate this connection, and consequently artists flock to them in droves. They're known as "listening rooms." The belief is simple: songs were made to be heard. And if we join that conversation, if we stop and listen to someone else a while, we just may learn something about ourselves. We just may change our lives.

In early 2011, my buddy Doc called me to ask for help booking a show for his tour. I told him to call a club in nearby Columbia, SC. They didn't call him back. I told him, "Forget those guys! We'll figure out something." And in April we hosted our first house concert (pictured above).

I have a weak spot for branding, so I called the event "Artsville House Concerts," after my adopted hometown of Hartsville, SC. Two days later, a booking agent was asking me for information on the house concert. Another artist emailed me weeks later. Then another. Before we knew it, we had a full-fledged concert series on our hands. Artists were reaching out to us from all over the world. Shows were selling out. Something was happening.

Since then I've felt like a man dipping his toe into a river, only to be swept away by the current. It's been a great ride.

Artsville has continued to grow in a beautifully organic way, from a small group of friends trying to help out some traveling musicians, to a diverse, impassioned collection of  volunteers dedicated to changing their community for the better.

On December 30, 2013, after months of travel, I landed in New York City. This decision was a deeply personal one I arrived at through prayer. Needless to say, it was a bit of a change of scenery from the countryside of rural South Carolina, but the common threads in the two communities are far more interesting to me than the obvious differences.

Artsville didn't slow down after my move. In fact, 2014 was our busiest year to date, with the launching of three new concert series (including two in New York): Artsville Saturday Nights, Bridges, and Artsville House Concerts NY. We even landed an office in Brooklyn.

No, my friends, things aren't slowing down at all.

If you haven't already, we hope you'll join us for our next event. You never know, you just might change your life.

- Dylan Sneed, Founder of Artsville


Artsville exists to catalyze the innate creativity in all of us.

This is our reason for being, the impetus behind all our decisions. We don't simply produce live music events. We challenge the people in our community to try new things, to seek to live life more creatively.

The Big Three

Since 2011 we've uncovered three tenets that we attempt to live by.

Try new things. - These three words sum it all up for us. We are the status quo's worst enemy. We believe that we were all created to create, and we aim to inspire everyone we come into contact with.

Good is good. - When we book an artist, we believe that if we present them in the right context to an audience--even an audience that has never heard of the artist--their talent and value will be self evident. Because good is good.

Tee it up. - We attempt to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved in one of our events to succeed. This includes our volunteers, our vendors, our audience, and of course, our artists.

Listening room

All our events are run as listening rooms. This simply means we ask the audience to not talk during the performance. We believe this is when the magic happens. Slow down and pay attention. You'll be surprised at what you find.


Artsville Open Mic - A monthly event featuring 15 songwriters vying for a spot in the annual Artsville Songwriting Competition.

The Artsville Songwriting Competition - An annual event featuring 16 songwriters performing their original songs for a chance at a $1,000 first prize.

Artsville House Concerts - Our flagship series. Intimate concerts in private homes from professional touring musicians from all over the world.

Artsville Saturday Nights - Dinner-and-a-show concerts from some of the best independent artists in the country. Stay tuned on when this event will return.

Bridges - Our newest series, and our first in New York. With a focus on story, Bridges asks, "What are you trying to get across?"

More to come!